In A Home Tailorded To Reflect Your true Identity

Effortless Elegance Spacious Living

Rezi 24 - Distributing the units subtly and efficiently

Rezi 24 is only 8 floors high with some apartments designed with terrace and balcony corners. The apartment will have 110 units and is expected to be completed in 2022. There are many luxury choices for you and your family, and it is guaranteed that its impressive interior design will satisfy you, even even the most demanding customers.

If you really like a house with quiet and peace, Rezi 24 Condo is the best destination for you. With a sophisticated layout and a minimalist apartment layout, your home appears as a harmonious picture that awakens all your senses. Each part of the apartment is seamlessly arranged so that your next step is harmonious and balanced. This warm apartment allows your family to have relaxing and free time to gather together, to exchange and connect with family members.

Each room at Rezi 24 Residences comes with a variety of quality equipment and accessories. All help you affirm that class is the standard of your luxurious life and great style. The equipment is also reasonably located in the necessary and purposeful positions in such a arrangement. In addition, you can also select and distribute devices and accessories yourself according to your needs and personal preferences.

Rezi 24 Freehold possesses a range of units resident with some premium features with impressive utilities. Continue to learn about the project's developer and their achievements.