Rezi 24 FAQs

Frequent Asked Questions About Rezi 24 Condo

Rezi 24 FAQs

Rezi 24 is one of a number of residential projects to be completed in 2022. It is a project that will provide unprecedented opportunities for families and investors to participate in a thriving community on a real estate lot owned long term. With a strategic location on the edge of the city with numerous metro and transport connections, it serves as a central fringe hub for easy access to Downtown and Marina Bay. For some background information about this project, we have compiled a number of quick questions and answers with the most concise information, to help you get the necessary knowledge and make informed decisions. Choose the best fit for your home.

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Rezi 24 | List Of Frequent Asked Questions

Rezi 24 Condo Frequently Asked Questions below are regularly asked questions and tend to be asked over and over again, which are of great interest to homebuyers and investors. You can find all the basic information about this project with different aspects to provide the most concise Q&A information for readers. You can easily understand and look up information about the condo quickly and accurately about the issues you care about. And here is a collection of questions that we have collected over the past time so that you have the most comprehensive view of the project:


Frequently Asked Questions About Rezi 24 Condo

1. Who is the developer of Rezi 24?
- The One Residence Pte Ltd is the developer of Rezi 24.

2. When is the TOP for Rezi 24?
- The TOP for Rezi 24 is 2022.

3. Where is the showflat for Rezi 24 located?
- Showflat for Rezi 24 is located at Lor 24 Geylang.

4. What is the address of Rezi 24?
- The address of Rezi 24 is 39 Lorong 24 Geylang.

5. What is the tenure for Rezi 24?
- Rezi 24 is a Freehold new launch project.

6. How many units are there in Rezi 24?
- The total number of units in Rezi 24 is 110.

7. How many total floors does Rezi 24 have?
- The total number of floors that Rezi 24 has is 8 floors.

8. How many blocks does Rezi 24 have?
- The total number of blocks that Rezi 24 has is 1 blocks.

9. What is the postal code of Rezi 24?
- The postal code of Rezi 24 is 398636.

10. What condo facilities are available to residents of Rezi 24?
- The condo facilities are available to residents of Rezi 24 are BBQ, Gym, Pool Deck and Communal Gardens,...

Rezi 24 and potential development in 2022

With the basic information of Rezi 24 Residences, home buyers and investors will easily select the necessary information for owning an apartment here, considering whether the project is really suitable. suit their needs or not. With the advantages of location, tenure as well as the reputation of the developer, Rezi 24, scheduled to launch next year, promises to bring you a modern and luxurious life with exclusive, unique, interesting and unprecedented amenities.


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